DNP Card Printer CX-120

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  • ชื่อสินค้า: DNP Card Printer CX-120
  • Brandname: DNP
  • รายละเอียด: ・High speed printing - more than 180 card/hour (less than 20 seconds/card)

    ・Adopt intelligent ink ribbon manufactured by DNP which works with SMP (Status Monitor Program) to look over various status of the printer from PC

    ・High capacity YMCK ribbon containing 750 images reduces the frequency of ink ribbon change.

    ・Detachable card hopper gives you a choice of replacing the whole hopper or simply adding more cards inside depending on the nature of the work required.

    ・Field up-gradable lamination unit CL-500D gives you the fastest single side print & lamination at 40 seconds

                                                              ・Compliant with RoHS


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